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Capstone has partnered with Global RAIS® Energy & Storage Solutions for the supply of modular, low voltage, DC to DC solar photovoltaic (PV) kits for use in Capstone's commercial and industrial-focused microgrid solutions. The pre-engineered APEX II DUO 450W and 515W systems utilize proprietary technology to provide complete solutions far superior to conventional photovoltaic (PV) systems and offer increased performance and reliability with lower operating costs. The integrated solution beats legacy solar arrays in every performance metric, including cost of energy, energy density, reliability, and safety.

The Global RAIS® solar technology has been deployed at almost 3,000 installations worldwide since 2008.

Global RAIS® Advantages Over Conventional Systems

400W + SE OP + 33kW Inv
(Helioscope designed)
500W APEX PV Module
(Global RAIS designed)

Key System Details

Conventional System

Global RAIS® Duo

1 Year kWh 426,195 702,563
20 Year kWh 9,708,722 16,636,691
DC Size 453 KW 596 KW
AC Size 301 KW 391 KW
Module Quantity 1,134 1,192
Key Financial Metrics Conventional System Global RAIS® Duo
Kit Price $0.70 $1.35
EPC Price $0.55 $0.43
O&M Fee $12/kW/yr $9/kW/yr
25 Year NPV $569,255 $1,024,049

Features & Benefits

  • High Power Density
    Shade tolerant design allows more PV modules to be packed into a limited space at a higher tilt. The resulting design captures more light than competing rooftop technologies, delivering up to 40% more energy.
  • Highly Robust
    Resilient The matrix topology and a proprietary aluminum back sheet with integrated module-level controllers off er robust real-world resiliency.
  • Redundant Solar
    No single point failures – unlike conventional solar PV, every element of our systems have multiple connections making the entire Capstone Green Energy system highly resilient.
  • Storage Ready Now
    Capstone Green Energy Modules can charge batteries directly from the module for true DC-DC storage.
  • Extremely Maintainable
    With our smart low voltage design, maintaining a device is safe and easy by trained staff , eliminating the need for costly specialists.
  • Pre-Engineered Kit
    Fully integrated system allows for quick deployment and reduction in installation time.