Code of Business Conduct

Capstone Green Energy will be the world leader in the application of microturbine solutions for distributed generation of power. In achieving this goal, we must remain committed to the highest standards of honest, ethical, and legal behavior. We firmly believe that operating with a strong sense of integrity is critical to maintaining trust and credibility with all our stakeholders, including our customers, stockholders, and employees.

The general principles that guide our conduct go beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations. They are the foundation to the kind of company we want to be. We will uphold the highest professional standards in all global business operations. Likewise, the ethics of our suppliers, service providers, and business partners is of utmost importance. We expect those with whom we do business to have, and follow, a similar code of ethical conduct.

Our Code of Conduct establishes the standard, requirements, and responsibilities with which we comply whenever and wherever we do business. The Code is a guide to the responsibilities we share.

We Have a Responsibility to Ourselves

Be yourself. Honesty and integrity is at the heart of who we are as individuals and as a company.

We Have a Responsibility to Each Other

To work together with fairness and respect for each other and for our company as a whole.

We Have a Responsibility to Our Consumers

Are the lifeblood of any business. We must strive to ensure their trust in the quality, value, effectiveness, reliability, and safety of our products.

We Have a Responsibility to Our Shareholders

Who have entrusted us with their money and expectations for growth and responsible use of their assets.

We Have a Responsibility to Our Vendors

With whom we must depend on strong and honest dealings to ensure our products and our business thrive.

We Have a Responsibility to Our Dealers and Distributors

To ensure that we assist them in properly representing both the capabilities and limitations of what our products and our company can and cannot do.

We Have a Responsibility to Our Community, Our Nation, and Our World

To create products that help create energy at less cost and with less fuel, less waste, and less damaging output to the environment.

Our Principles of Customer Satisfaction:

  • Our customers come first. Customers are the most important people in any business.
  • Customers aren’t dependent on us. We are dependent on customers.
  • Customers aren’t an interruption of our work. Customers are the purpose of it.
  • Customers do us a favor when they call. We are not doing them a favor when we serve them.
  • Customers are part of our business and not outsiders.
  • Customers are not cold statistics, but human beings with feeling and emotions like our own.
  • Customers are not people to argue with, but are people to help.
  • Customers are people who bring us their needs. It’s our job to fill those needs.
  • Customers are deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can provide.
  • Customers are the lifeblood of our business.