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Critical Power Supply


Capstone’s green energy solutions align perfectly with the needs of mission-critical businesses. Because of the potentially catastrophic consequences of system failure, momentary or otherwise, certain high demand power users, including high technology, health care and information systems facilities require higher levels of reliability in their power generation service. The majority of microturbine based distributed generation installations have powered through hurricanes with little or no downtime. To meet these customer requirements, traditional solutions utilize Uninterruptible Power Supplies (“UPS”) to protect critical loads from power disturbances along with back-up diesel generators for extended outages. We offer an alternative solution that can both meet customer reliability requirements and reduce operating costs.

Broad Suite of Applications

Broad Suite of Applications

  • Data Centers
  • Telecom
  • Power Rental
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers

Features & Benefits

  • Patented Air Bearing Technology
    No lubricants or coolants needed
  • One Moving Part
    Minimal maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
    Complete view at all times
  • Advanced Combustion Controls
    Low emissions with no exhaust aftertreatment
  • High Power Density
    Compact footprint
  • Factory Protection Plan
    5 and 9 year plans available
  • Clean Waste Heat
    Uncontaminated exhaust heat
  • Stand Alone or Grid Connect
    Multiple applications and industries
  • Reliable
    Tens of millions of runtime hours and counting

Capstone Products

A C65 microturbine produces electricity for Wintershall Holding GmbH, in Großaitingen, Germany and uses heat exhaust to warm facility buildings, process heating, and to heat pipelines. "We are producing electricity from the turbine which we use here in the facility. We are producing about 40 percent of our electricity needs here at the plant. In the future we are thinking about using the heat from the turbine for our facilities, building, process heat, and also for heating our pipelines. We are very satisfied at the moment with the turbine and what we got as a result of the test."


Case Studies for Critical Power Supply By Your location


Prime power source for its data/ telecom systems at an adminis- tration building of Boeing


less energy and greenhouse gases at a data center in Syracuse University

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