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The Capstone Product

Capstone’s product made of components supplied to us from our value chain partners. A high-level view of our product composition is its system enclosure, engine, power electronics and accessories. Final assembly and testing is performed at the company headquarters in Van Nuys, CA.

What Capstone Buys

The components that go into our product range from standard off-the-shelf hardware to power electronic components and highly-precise machined parts and castings, all placed in a system enclosure. Our end products follow certification standards from across the globe and as a result, several of the components themselves require certifications. A more detailed explanation of these commodities is listed below. 

  • System Enclosures –Steel packages that are welded and finished with powder coating or paint to meet customer needs. Packages are populated with sheet metal components designed to support our modular build operations and serviceability needs.
  • Machined Parts – Highly precise components involving complex profiles with tolerances typically in the =/- .0005” range. Parts are made from various alloys and superalloys, including Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Inconel, MAR-M-247 and other high-temperature materials.
  • Fabricated Assemblies – Our product contains several fabricated assemblies ranging from 250lbs – to 2000lbs and from 2’ in diameter to 6’ in diameter. These fabricated assemblies are welded using high temperature metals and require tooling to maintain tight tolerances necessary for stable combustion. 
  • Power Electronics –Standard components involved in our power electronics assemblies include PCBAs, GUI devices, Cables and Wiring Harnesses, Insulators, Brake Resistors, IGBTs, Inductors, Magnets and Generator / Motor assemblies.
  • Accessories – Accessory offerings that complement our main product lines include bolt-on Heat Recovery Modules, Gas Pressure Regulators and Boosters, PLC devices, and System Controllers.

Capstone’s Relationships with Suppliers

Capstone strives to form long-term, meaningful relationships with its supply chain partners. Many of our existing suppliers have been our partners for over 20 years. We measure performance in the following areas: quality, delivery, cost and communication. Supplier qualification is an engaged process involved assessment of capabilities, site visits, engineering reviews and prototype qualification. We view success as a mutual endeavor where we can only be successful if we’re operating with our core values of teamwork, transparency and accountability. We enjoy working with partners who are willing to engage our company on design engineering improvements and cost saving initiatives.

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