Thomas Aquinas College Off the Grid With Free Green Energy

Thomas Aquinas College has become a model for energy independence and sustainability by partnering with Capstone Green Energy to install a 5-bay C600S microturbine. Their new self-sustaining power system is reducing costs and emissions, while setting a new standard for colleges everywhere.

Fuel for Thought: Liquified Petroleum Gas

The past several years have shown that a range of fuel options for power generation is an important hedge against instability. Fuel flexibility is a hallmark of Capstone microturbines, which can run off a variety of sources, from natural gas and propane to methane, hydrogen, and more.

CHP: A game-changer

Capstone’s microturbines deliver low-cost energy resiliency by increasing the reliability of supply for a Canadian high-rise condominium.

Beyond Turbines

Capstone Turbine has transformed into Capstone Green Energy. As the world is building back greener, Capstone is proving itself to be a valuable ally.

Water & Sustainability

Capstone Green Energy helps organizations save money and reduce their carbon footprints by strategizing and executing more sustainable energy solutions. Capstone president and CEO Darren Jamison offered his insights into why going green is good for business.

Energia Bolivia

This article highlights the need to update the current “Regulation for the Distribution of Natural Gas through Pipe Lines in Urban Areas as well as the Design, Construction and Operation of Natural Gas Pipe Lines in Indoors Installations”, to support the industry of information management and the intellectual property exports in the country.

Energy: Capstone Clients Want Hydrogen Power

Capstone Turbine Corp. has changed its name to Capstone Green Energy Corp. to reflect changes in its business as it pursues a strategy of energy-as-a-service with microturbine rentals and other products, including hydrogen powered turbines.

A Capstone Achievement

Featured in Business Focus magazine’s Spring issue, Capstone Green Energy President and CEO, Darren Jamison, discusses Capstone’s history, achievements, and future growth into the energy as service model.

C200S ICHP Microturbine for Antarctic Base

Capstone Green Energy has secured a follow-on order for a C200 Signature Series ICHP microturbine with a 20-year Factory Protection Plan (FPP) from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

A Few Steps Ahead

Capstone Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Kirk Petty talks to Military Recruit® magazine about the transition from U.S. Marine Corps to a member of Capstone Green Energy's executive leadership team. Read his top 6 pieces of advise to finding your dream job.

Powering Up Amongst the Ice

In a technology first, the British Antarctica Survey, UK is operating the Halley station located in the Brunt Ice Shelf with a C30 Capstone microturbine. The installation is powering operations that include: monitoring the ozone layer, cosmic radiation analysis and global warming data collection.

Couples Tower Isle Going Green

Couples Tower Isle, an all-inclusive luxury resort in Ocho Rios recently signed a deal for a clean and green C800S microturbine that will make the resort one of the greenest hotels in Jamaica.

Microturbines for Temporary Power

SSE Enterprise and Pure World Energy join forces to provide a new form of cleaner and cheaper temporary power for use on construction sites and industrial locations.

Walmart embraces green trucking

With much development going on in the semi-tractor trailer industry, the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience prototype, featuring a C65 microturbine, is turning heads.

Cogeneration Gaining In Popularity For CHP And CCHP

Capstone explains how microturbine CHP is 'especially suitable for healthcare facilities that are looking to increase their energy efficiency, lower their greenhouse emissions and save money at the meter’.

Integrating CHP with Microgrids

Today’s improved CHP technology can increase the value of CHP within microgrid configurations. Dexterous integration with renewable energy assets and better software mean that CHP can be used effectively for demand management applications, while adding greater reliability to emergency power systems.

Take a Fresh Look at Microturbines with CHP

The biggest bang for your buck occurs when integrating a microturbine with a combined heat and power (CHP) solution. If you need electricity and have heating needs throughout the year, then you can recover waste heat from a microturbine and be more efficient.

Sydney Town Hall Powers up with Trigeneration

Seven C200 Capstone microturbines provide reliable and clean power to Sydney Town Hall and Town Hall House. The CCHP project is estimated to reduce the city's CO2 emissions by 3%.

Risk-free savings

A combined heat and power gas microturbine system is delivering immediate savings in both energy costs and carbon emissions at Grantham Meres Leisure Centre.

Turbine Technology

The Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU), which installed a Capstone C800 Power Package in a trigeneration application, is highlighted in this article on the many benefits of microturbines. Jim Crouse, Capstone's executive vice president of sales and marketing, discusses more details about the project.

Air bearing microturbines

Capstone Green Energy Corp. uses air bearings instead of oils and coolants for its clean-and-green microturbine power generators.

Sierra Nevada adds microturbines to generate power, lower energy bills

Two California breweries have recently commissioned Regatta Solutions to install Capstone microturbines as a way to achieve their energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals. The microturbines will positively impact these businesses’ bottom line by generating electrical and thermal energy on site.

The Microturbine Market Gains Traction

Capstone president and CEO Darren Jamison talks about the growing microturbine market as well as what sets Capstone's technology apart from that of its competitors.

Microturbines Boost Efficiency in the CHP Market

Capstone president and CEO Darren Jamison discusses some of the ways microturbines turn gaseous and liquid fuels into usable electrical and thermal energy in small-scale CHP/CCHP applications.

The Wave -Walmart’s Truck of Future

Walmart has worked together with Peterbilt, Great Dane Trailers, and Capstone Green Energy to make an idea “truck of tomorrow” known as the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience.

Clear Alternative

Without true direct competitors, Capstone has been both advantaged and tested by its singular position in the microturbine market. Financing has been a challenge for some customers. Not anymore.

Fire Up the Turbines

More than 3,600 combined heat and power (CHP) systems are installed across North America, saving money, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And, many of those systems are run with small, compact, light-weight and low-emission microturbines.

Propane Power Is Grabbing Growing Share of Gas-Fired Market

Propane-powered microturbines have drawn interest as generation sources for microgrids. Oncor’s System Operating Services Facility near Dallas (POWER’s 2015 Smart Grid Award winner), employs a Capstone microturbine running on propane to back up its solar array and other technologies. Capstone projects in Chile and the U.S. state of California are also mentioned.

Argonne and Capstone to advance CHP research

Capstone partners with the Argonne National Laboratory for participation in the U.S. Department of Energy's Technologist in Residence (TIR) pilot program. The technologist pair will explore new focus areas in an effort to continue the advancement of world-class CHP solutions.

Riding the WAVE to fuel-saving heaven

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience is an HEV technology development platform that was developed in support of the company’s industry-leading sustainability program. A Capstone microturbine is one of the technologies used that saves fuel and releases fewer emissions.

Manufacturers Know the Drill

Manufacturers of onsite energy solutions must be willing to adapt to economic fluctuations and stricter environmental regulations. Despite the volatility of the power production industry, Capstone Green Energy is strategically navigating the Oil and Gas market to promote the adoption of microturbine technology.

Wal-Mart test truck aims to slash fuel consumption on big rigs

Los Angeles Times overviews Capstone microturbines as they apply to hybrid electric vehicles, and specifically, the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience. The article also discusses some of the benefits of implementing microturbines for alternative power generation.

Microturbines take on the market

COSPP spoke with two microturbine firms at opposite ends of the market spectrum - one the established market leader, with an 85% market share; one a new sector entrant with significant market potential - to discover the commonalities and differences in how each has strategized its market approach.

Flare gas used in on-site microturbine

A grid connect C1000 microturbine will utilize the associated gas, also known as flare gas, produced by a central Saskatchewan energy company through a successfully negotiated power purchase agreement (PPA) with Kineticor.

Sustainable Energy Sustains Production

F-D-S Manufacturing generates electricity onsite using natural-gas-fired Capstone microturbines for cogeneration, helping to lower their carbon footprint and operating expenses.

Another Campus Solution: Washtenaw Community College

Capstone distributor, GEM Energy, installs a CCHP system at Washtenaw Community College. The natural gas powered microturbine system generates electricity and hot water on-site for use in campus buildings, saving the college $60k a year in energy costs.

Business Unusual

Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, comments on today’s changing energy landscape, the potential challenges, and future market growth in the gas turbine business sector.

Get Your Bearings Straight

Rob Gleason, Senior Vice President of Product Development, talks about Capstone’s air bearing technology as an alternative way to generate power without the need for oil or lubricants.

Good Timing

The combined heat and power system at the Pittsfield Waste Water Treatment Plant utilize three C65 Capstone microturbines to generate electricity in summer and heat in winter.

The Microturbine Generator Arrives

A liquid-fueled Capstone C30 provides onboard power and heat to the world’s first microturbine powered super yacht, Royal Huisman "Lethantia".

Secure Power Solutions

Interview with Capstone’s CEO, Darren Jamison on secure power solutions for organizations concerned with high energy costs, power quality and reliability, and reduced carbon footprint.

Only the Best

Two Capstone C65 Microturbines help the Wausau Wastewater Treatment Plant improve energy efficiency.

Gas, Oil Power Turbine Maker

Capstone charges into the industry to boost sales by supplying oil and gas companies with turbines that generate electricity. The oil and gas industry is quickly becoming one of the company’s largest markets by receiving repeat orders from satisfied customers who prefer the turbines’ use of flare gas, its compact size, low fuel use, and its low emissions. Capstone hopes to tap into other markets, such as the transportation market, by leveraging its oil and gas success and showcasing the overall benefits of the turbine itself. This article was published in the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ), and reprinted with permission of the LABJ.

Bucharest Gets New CCHP Centre from Greenvironment

A 1.8MW natural gas microturbine and other components for a combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) plant in Bucharest, Romania is being provided by Capstone distributor, Greenvironment Plc. The CCHP plant will be based at a building in Sun Plaza shopping Mall.

Investigación, Desarrollo E Innovación Energética

Abastible actualmente cuenta, dentro de sus áreas de desarrollo, con la cogeneración simultánea de energía elétrica y térmica sin emplear más combustible que el necesario par la producción de electricidad.

Microgeneration – heralding a power transformation in Europe

Thanks to work by Greenvironment two Capstone 200kW microturbine combined heat and power (CHP) plants will be built in Germany to convert associated petroleum gas (APG) from the extraction of crude oil into electricity as well as heat. But this is only part of the bigger picture, as WIP reports.

WWTP Adds Value to Biogas Resources

The City of Janesville, Wisconsin, is investing in technology to use biogas to generate electricity, recover usable heat, and produce CNG fuel for city vehicles.

Lunch Time

West Lafayette and Purdue University collaborate on a program to feed digesters with cafeteria scraps, boost methane production, and save money.

Orange Lead the Way

The Syracuse University Green Data Center uses novel techniques such as CCHP with microturbines and absorption chillers to reduce energy use, creating a model its designers hope to replicate with other data centers as computer energy consumption soars.

Microturbines for Combined Heat & Power Generation at Hotels

Executives quickly are learning alternative energy systems achieve greater energy efficiency and can dramatically reduce energy consumption - thus lowering both operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions. In a combined heat and power (CHP) or combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) application, such as the application at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, microturbines produce reliable electricity and thermal power onsite from a single fuel.

Syracuse University: microturbines, data centres & UPS

For the past 15 months Capstone Hybrid UPS MicroTurbines have been installed in one of the world’s greenest data centres based at Syracuse Univeristy, New York, USA. The facility, which opened 15 months ago, uses 50% less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases.

Powering Data Centers

Offering a more reliable source than the grid, microturbines provide over 90% efficiency in a CCHP mode at Syracuse University.

Microturbines Power Remote Appalachian

Basic Systems Inc. designed the expansion of a gas storage facility in remote north central Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Six Capstone C65 MicroTurbines were initially installed to provide the additional power required for the expansion.

The Power of the Spirit Meets the Capstone C800

Cognac, the lavish spirit noted for its double-distillation process, is only labelled ‘Cognac’ if produced in the Cognac region of France. WIP looks at the vital role Cognac’s vinasse plays in helping a methane-fuelled Capstone C800 CHP Power Package to create electricity for the grid.

Microturbine Technology Matures

Microturbine technology has evolved from early systems of 30kW to 70kW to today’s systems, which can have individual ratings of 200kW to 250kW. Packages up to 1MW are now available that can be assembled into multipac units for projects of 5MW to 10MW. These modern units are packaged with integrated digital protection, synchronization, and controls; they produce high combined heat and power efficiencies and they are capable of using multiple fuels.

Drives by Capstone

US 1 Industries is to field a turbine Class 8 as first of CalMotors-Parker Hannifin line.

Marine Energy Systems Market Estimated at $800 Million

Capstone Green Energy plans to enter the marine energy systems market, a market that represents potential sales of US$800 million for the company, is slated for June with the introduction of a 75-foot (23-meter)prototype boat based on Capstone’s microturbine energy technology.

The World’s Best Power Plants

Salem Community College in Carneys Point, New Jersey, and Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, both use Capstone Microturbines to provide power to major buildings on their campuses.

The Hypermiling Jet Car

The Capstone CMT-380 hybrid, based on a Factory Five sports car chassis, uses a 30kW/40 hp turbine engine to provide power to charge its Li-ion battery pack.

Electric Supercar Concept Uses Small Turbine Engine To Boost Range

Capstone Green Energy’s CMT-380 — an extended-range electric supercar that extends the 80-mile (129-kilometer)range of its lithium-ion battery pack up to 500 miles with an onboard generator turned by a turbine engine — will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

Ford S-Max Hybrid Uses Advanced Capstone MicroTurbine Power

Langford Performance Engineering’s Whisper Eco-Logic, a modified Ford S-Max crossover, gets up to 40 miles (64 kilometers) on electric power alone and can reach a top speed of 80 mpg (129 kilometers per gallon)thanks to a C30 MicroTurbine

The growing appetite for green initiatives

Energy-generating Capstone microturbines recently installed on the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, are a part of the growing green trend around the country.

Worlds Best Power Plants

Working with local Capstone distributor, E-Finity Distributed Generation, officials at Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, PA, boost efficiency and cut emissions by installing low-emission Capstone microturbines.

Worlds Best Power Plants: Upgrade Boosts Efficiency and Cuts Emissions

Officials at Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, PA, weary of the 90-year old, inefficient coal-fired system of the campus — and the high emissions associated with burning coal — moved on to a next-generation technology for their heating and electric needs by installing five Capstone C60 low-emission microturbines that produced a combined 300kW of electricity. In 2007, working with local Capstone distributor E-Finity Distributed Generation, the systems were upgraded to 65kW turbines with heat recovery modules (CHP) systems.

Gas Turbine Power Range: New Products

Bigger seems to be the theme at Capstone Green Energy this year, a company known for its low-emission 30kW and 65kW turbines. Bigger turbines that generate more power and larger contracts in key industries are among the news from the company.

Microturbine Power For Trashy French Power Plant

For two decades, operators of the La Ciotat landfill in La Ciotat, a picturesque town along the Mediterranean coast of France, flared the methane that was formed from decomposition of trash. But when town authorities learned that electricity could be generated from the waste gas, they jumped at the idea.

Power Generation Sets & Systems: Less

Capstone Green Energy Corp. has introduced its 1MW C1000 Power Package designed for power generation in oil and gas, hospital, industrial, municipal, retail, landfill, and other applications. The package, based on a 30 ft. long ISO container, includes up to five C200 MicroTurbines, each with a 200kW output.

The Cap Fits for Latest Capstone Microturbines

Capstone Green Energy, the leading manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has announced that its Model C65kW MicroTurbine systems are the first microturbines to be certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) to the latest UL 1741 interconnection standards that became effective on 7 May, 2007.

What Is New? Biogas Power

Technologies that connect the biogas line to the power line include cooling and clean up components, microturbines and reciprocating gas engines, and control systems.

Liberalization Under Attack: What Does It Mean for On-Site Power in the US?

Liberalization of energy markets was meant to be a wholly positive move for efficient decentralized energy. However, in many parts of the world, the execution of the liberalization process was flawed, leaving incomplete and combersome market structures. Now, following suggestions to roll back energy liberalization in parts of the US, Elisa Wood looks at the likely impact on DE.

Walmart Tests Truck of the Future

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE) equipped with a Capstone Microturbine hybrid engine improves fuel economy and gives the truck a greater range.

Walmart Debuts Futuristic Truck

The innovative Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience WAVE is a tractor-trailer combination that features a Capstone microturbine-powered range extending series hybrid powertrain.

University of Toledo Reduces Footprint

Four Capstone C65 Hybrid UPS Microturbines are at the heart of the innovative combined cooling, heating, and power system at the University of Toledo's "Green Data Center".

Spinning to Win

Capstone Microturbines offer clear benefits in performance and cost for onsite projects with a wide range of generation solutions.

CHP Gaining a Foothold

CHP solutions are gaining a foothold as more US business owners and companies are learning the many financial and environmental benefits.

Climate Controlled

Facilities around the country are seeking ways in which greater efficiencies can be derived through HVAC systems.

Argonon, First Inland LNG Barge (VIDEO)

Two LNG fueled Capstone C30 microturbines onboard the Argonon Type-C tanker in the Rhine River in Europe, operate in an N+1 setting and serve as the main electrical power supply.

Mile-High MallRide's CNG Hybrids

Denver's Regional Transportation District TransTeq fleet of 36 CNG hybrid buses, powered by Capstone Microturbines have logged more than 5 million miles.

From Green to Pink

On December 7, Cinzia Iacono has become the first woman in Europe to obtain Capstone Green Energy's official ASP certificate (Authorized Service Provider) which will allow her to perform routine maintenance on Capstone C65 gas turbines. IBT Group is pleased to congratulate Cinzia for the prestigious achievement.

CHP is Heating Up

Historically low gas prices and high utility rates are sparking inquiries and fueling sales.

Missing Link

Efficiency, the smart grid, and high hopes for renewable energy are all dependent upon cutting-edge energy storage.

Charged Up and Spinning the Power

The flywheels-versus-batteries debate continues uniterrupted, along with demand for "bigger and better" backup. In Capstone Green Energy's case, the demand comes in the form of a spinning turbine.

Setting an Efficient Example

Campuses and schools, such as Capstone distributor BHP's University of Toledo site, are serving as "living laboratories" for model efficiency and future energy challenges.

Branching Out With CHP

Energy efficiency and solid economics have made combined heat and power (CHP) technology an attractive choice for distributed energy projects like Capstone-site FDS Manufacturing in Pomona California where they are utilizing six C65 microturbines.

Decentralized power and smart grids: First micro-turbines, then renewables growth

The Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has installed Capstone microturbines that generate nearly 200kW. The system reduces the facility's annual energy costs by 30% and the combined heat and power design provides the hotel with all its hot water needs and 15% of its heating needs. CHP microturbines are touted for their use in hotels, telecom facilities, large retailers, university campuses, hospitals, data centers, landfills, oil and gas facilities, and hybrid electric vehicles, where onboard microturbines recharge electric batteries, increasing range.

Commercial Scale DE

Alternative fuel and technology options make onsite power an economical choice.

Keeping It Flexible

Advancements in turbines allow plant managers to increase output incrementally in some power configurations, for optimal power utilizations.

York's sewer authority unveils microturbine – turning methane into energy

The Capstone C1000 MicroTurbine purchased by York's sewage plant will save energy, cut operational costs, and protect the environment by generating electricity through burning methane gas, a byproduct of sewage treatment. The turbine will save more than US$227,000 in energy costs annually for the plant.

Investment Flows to Industry Leading 'Green' Vehicle Manufacturer

DesignLine Corp, the developer and producer of the world's most advanced All–Electric Bus (Eco-Smart II) and Range Extended Electric Bus (Eco-Saver IV) for mass transit, announced today the commencement of funding under its US$50 million syndicated financing.

Upgrading with CHP

Recent financially beneficial applications demonstrate the potential for electricity generation and water heating and cooling.

Power Without Pause

Now, more than ever, facilities depending on mission-critical loads must be able to stay up and running as soon as possible.

The New Era of CHP

CHP solutions are driving a new era of growth as businesses and institutions strive for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Combined Power Provider

Increasing demand for turbines and microturbines — particularly among small commercial and industrial customers — reflects a growing acceptance of distributed energy.

Powered Protection

As those experienced in data center installation and operation know, backup power is not only beneficial, it is essential.

Low Risk, High Returns

An ever-growing variety of large-scale facilities are turning to onsite power as a way to reduce their reliance on the public grid, secure reliable backup power, and increase energy savings.

Microturbine Producer Seeing Big Gains

Capstone Green Energy CEO Darren Jamison on the company's growth in manufacturing microturbines during an interview on Fox Business News Channel's Countdown to the Closing Bell program.

Fact Sheet: The U.S.-Brazil Economic Relationship: Strengthening Economic Ties Contribute to Jobs and Growth

As the U.S.-Brazil relationship deepens, we seek to base our cooperation on strong and dynamic private sectors, a commitment to open and fair trade, and continued economic and energy integration. Strengthening the economic and commercial relationship between the U.S. and Brazil through stronger partnerships on energy (including clean energy, biofuels, and petroleum sectors), infrastructure and development cooperation in third countries will allow both countries to grow and at the same time strengthen the bonds between the U.S. and Latin America.

Discovery Channel - Daily Planet : March 02, 2011

The Discovery Channel takes a look at the CMT-380, which uses an electric power train with a range-extending diesel-fueled microturbine. A lithium polymer battery pack gives the CMT-380 80 miles of pure electric range, and the microturbine generates power for an additional 500 miles.

Romanian hospital orders CHP microturbine

Romanian energy service company HospMed Project has ordered a 200kW natural gas-fueled Capstone microturbine as part of a CHP system. The turbine, to be supplied by Greenvironment, will be installed at a hospital in the city of Medias and is scheduled for completion in November 2011. The CHP system serves a dual purpose of supplying electricity and heat to the facility.

Powering Uninterrupted Growth

New UPS systems are another example of the ability of the latest tech tool to increase efficiency while lowering expenses.

Calnetix Power Solutions Acquired by GE

Calnetix, Inc., a global leader in energy efficient high speed motor and generator technologies, components and systems, announced today that certain assets of its subsidiary Calnetix Power Solutions (CPS) have been acquired by GE (NYSE: GE).

Surprising Opportunities in Cleantech - Shawn Severson

Cleantech goes far beyond solar power, according to Shawn Severson. As a managing director of cleantech research with ThinkEquity in San Francisco, he finds mainstream companies poised to cash in on common-sense technologies that save energy and money. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Shawn makes the case that cleantech is as much about saving money as it is about saving the environment.

Boxer Tours Valley

Capstone was honored to host Senator Barbara Boxer during her visit to Capstone's corporate headquarters.

Primo hotel

IBT Group, partner esclusivo di Capstone Green Energy, ha installato un impianto di cogenerazione ad alto rendimento con tecnologia a turbina "senza olio", un brevetto unico al mondo, per far fronte al fabbisogno energetico dell'Hotel Quellenhof di Val Passiria (Trentino Alto Adige).

Marine Energy Systems Market Estimated at US$800 Million

Capstone Green Energy plans to enter the marine energy systems market, a market that represents potential sales of US$800 million for the company, is slated for June with the introduction of a 75-foot prototype boat based on Capstone's microturbine energy technology.


Building owners are beginning to see the benefit of including microturbines in onsite power plans for commercial, industrial, and urban-residential projects.

SU, IBM, and New York State open Green Data Center

Syracuse University, with partners IBM and New York State, celebrated the construction of its new Green Data Center (GDC) — a showcase of world-class innovations in advanced energy-efficient information technology and building systems including 12 C65 natural gas-fueled Capstone microturbines.

New Data Center Goes Off-Grid to be Green

With all the press about energy costs sinking data center budgets, along comes a data center that consumes only half the normal power. And it even offers excess heating and cooling to nearby buildings, sometimes returning spare electricity to the grid. This is made possible in part with the help of 12 Capstone microturbines fueled by natural gas.


Tesla has done alot to disprove the notion that hybrid and electric vehicles are wimpier than their gasoline-powered counterparts, but Capstone Green Energy may have the final word with its CMT-380 hybrid supercar. The vehicle, which is still in the concept stages, is powered by lithium-ion batteries and a microturbine jet engine.

YouTube: Fast Lane Daily

A Factory Five GTM Body gets used for a jet engine experiment, SpeedART tunes the Porsche Panamera, Lotus rumors and spy photos of the Esprit replacement.

Data Centers Explode

When the grid sags, improved distributed energy technologies, such as Capstone MicroTurbines used at the 6,000-square-foot Syracuse University data center, can help balance supply and demand.

Microturbine-powered hybrid supercar to debut in Los Angeles

The CMT-380 uses an electric power train with a range-extending diesel-fueled microturbine. A lithium polymer battery pack gives the CMT-380 80 miles of pure electric range, and the microturbine generates power for an additional 500 miles.

Capstone unveils extended-range supercar at L.A. show

Capstone Green Energy will unveil its CMT-380 prototype at the Los Angeles Auto Show, a high-performance, hybrid-electric supercar powered by a low-emission, range-extending microturbine engine and traditional batteries.

As Hybrid Buses Get Cheaper, Cities Fill Their Fleets

Fleets of hybrid-electric buses are becoming more and more popular in major cities across the globe, especially in New York City and Manhattan. Although their initial cost is high, they produce less pollution, they get better fuel economy, and provide a smoother, quieter ride.

Microturbines Turn Digester Gas Into Power

This article was written in WaterWorld, dated December 10, 2008. When it was time to upgrade the outdated boiler used to heat anaerobic digesters at the City of Sheboygan's wastewater treatment plant in 2003, the Wisconsin facility's superintendent turned to 10 Capstone Microturbines that use methane gas created by solid waste to generate electricity and heat, cutting the plant's electric and natural gas bills.

Follow-on Order for Microturbines in Europe - April 18, 2008

The announcement appeared in CHP and On-Site Power Production Magazine: Casptone Turbine Corp has received a follow-on order from its Switzerland-based distributor for its C200 MicroTurbine systems. Capstone's distributor, Verdesis Suisse SA, ordered the systems.

Airport Going Green With Hybrid Buses

Charlotte/Douglas International Airport is cleaning up its act — at least when it comes to ferrying passengers and others around the complex. The airport is buying two hybrid-powered buses, which are more fuel-efficient than standard ones, for US$880,000. "It's for the environment," says Jerry Orr, city aviation director...Plus, the turbine-engine system of the new buses will eliminate about 95% of the greenhouse-gas emissions, Orr says.

University Powers Into the Future

A commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency has produced a unique combination of distributed generation systems at California State University Northridge.

Giving CHP a Boost

A Partnership of state and federal agencies uses fuel cells and microturbines to reduce energy and pollution at an aluminum-recycling plant.

Treatment Plant Finds Savings in Waste

Three years ago the Minnesota Department of Commerce and the city of Albert Lea installed four 30kW Capstone MicroTurbines at the city's wastewater treatment plant in an effort to save electricity and natural gas through the incorporation of distributed generation.

Going Green

Six Capstone C65 Microturbines installed in a CCHP application help Viking Yacht Company produce electricity for their plant needs.

Turbine Service

Whether contracted out or performed in house, regular maintenance of turbine systems is integral to efficiency and reliability.