E-Finity Distributed Generation, LLC

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Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
United States

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E-Finity Distributed Generation is the exclusive Mid-Atlantic and Southeast distributor for Capstone Green Energy and is an active member of the distributed generation and combined heat and power communities. The company actively promotes onsite energy efficient power solutions with Capstone microturbine technology. By providing conceptual design, application engineering support, site integration, and startup and ongoing maintenance, E-Finity ensures that your onsite oil and gas, CHP, or CCHP power system will operate at peak performance. Capstone turbines are providing customers with green power independence for oil and gas, commercial and industrial, and resource recovery applications. In transmission, exploration, and midstream operations, the microturbines are providing power to the remote areas of the Utica and Marcellus Shale, ensuring that gas producers have reliable power for the production of natural gas. In commercial and industrial applications, Capstone microturbines provide hot water, chilled water, and steam to various facilities such as hotels, healthcare and manufacturing facilities, data centers, and office buildings. With clean, quiet, and reliable Capstone microturbines, E-Finity is giving your facility the power to be independent.

Business Focus

  • Oil, Gas, & Other Natural Resources
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Critical Power Supply
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation Products