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About Capstone Energy Finance

Capstone Energy Finance provides organizations the ability to finance one or more Capstone microturbines at their facility with no upfront capital costs. A financing solution from Capstone Energy Finance enables organizations to reduce their operating expenses and eliminate volatile utility rates by locking in a low fixed rate. Capstone Energy Finance owns and maintains the system for the entire term of the agreement.

Finance Solutions include: Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Leases, and Rentals

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  • No Capital Investment We install a power generation system that fits your facility's energy needs with no capital outlay or upfront costs.
  • Reduce Operating Expenses Lower your energy bill immediately! Energy is delivered at a cost that is substantially lower than what is offered by the utility, thus reducing your operating expenses and preserving your capital budget.
  • No Risk Capstone Energy Finance monitors and maintains the power generation system.
  • Guaranteed Long Term Pricing A fixed annual escalation rate prevents sudden and dramatic utility rate increases from impacting your bottom line.
  • Reduce Your Impact on the Environment Decrease your carbon footprint with Capstone's industry-leading efficiency and near-zero emissions profile.