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Capstone Hydrogen Development

As a thought-leader in the energy sector Capstone recognized years ago that hydrogen would play an important role as a key part of the future of renewable, green energy landscape. Hydrogen microturbines are the perfect complement for the intermittent nature of wind and solar power, making them an ideal component of the modern clean and green microgrid. When wind and solar energy production exceeds demand, excess energy can be used in the production of storable renewable hydrogen energy. Stored hydrogen provides a convenient high-density fuel source and can then be used as carbon-free fuel for Capstone’s microturbines. Microturbines benefit from immediate use as a decentralized energy source, located where hydrogen can be produced and stored locally.

Through long-standing federal, university, and international research partnerships, Capstone has patented technology for the use of hydrogen and works closely with these agencies to assure a clean energy future. We continue to explore the ever-changing energy landscape for complementary partners, technologies, and applications that enables carbon reduction goals to be achieved. Hydrogen pilot facilities, hybrid systems, hydrogen conversion technologies, microgrids, and thermal storage are all energy areas that Capstone is currently pursuing.

Hydrogen Diagram