Why Capstone Rental Power?

March 2, 2023

Reliable power is the lifeblood of a business. Without it, factories quickly grind to a halt and communities aren’t able to power essential critical facilities. Capstone offers reliable, clean rental power you can count on and has helped many customers move away from less reliable reciprocating rental power to Capstone highly reliable and clean rental power solutions.

The scalability of our solutions allows for power output ranging from 65kW to multiple megawatts which means we can deliver a power generation solution tailored to your needs. In addition, our modular designs allow you to easily and quickly add capacity as your power needs grow.

Our rental model allows for fast-track delivery and can be delivered in skid-mounted configurations, trailer-mounted for ease of transport or installed as a traditional plug and play system at your location -- in as little as a few weeks.

If reliable, clean energy sounds like a great idea but your capital budget looks a little lean, you are not alone. That’s why Capstone developed our rental power products. Renting gives our customers a change to get to know Capstone and our solutions while meeting their reliability needs and typically reducing their emissions from power generation, particularly if the Capstone turbine is replacing a less reliable, reciprocating turbine. We share our customers’ vision of a cleaner energy future and make it a reality today through better and more-cost effective technology solutions.

Flexible Operation

Capstone offers are wide range of power rental solutions. Our modular microturbine-powered rentals are engineered to meet the unique demands of our customers while also lowering energy costs, increasing resiliency and reducing emissions. With individual units ranging from 65 kilowatts to multiple megawatts of electric power output, our custom energy solutions offer clean and reliable power to be used for peaking power, baseload operation, standby power in the industrial, utility and commercial sectors. Our microturbine-powered systems and engineered solutions offerings provide complete rental solutions for your power needs.  In addition, Capstone turbines can run efficiently and effectively on several different fuels including natural gas, biofuels and hydrogen blends. This fuel flexibility is just another way we offer more choice and customization to meet customer needs.

Capstone rental systems allow customers to produce power on-site in parallel with the electric grid or stand-alone when no utility grid is available. For customers who do not have access to the electric utility grid, microturbines provide clean, on-site power with fewer scheduled maintenance requirements and greater fuel flexibility than competing technologies. For customers with access to the electric grid, microturbines provide an additional source of continuous on-site power generation, offering additional reliability and potential cost savings compared to the local utility.


Prime Power

Temporary power

Critical (n+1,2,3 redundant) Power


Flare Gas utilization

Customers across industries are finding Capstone microturbine rentals a fit for their operational and environmental goals.

Industries We Serve:

Oil and Gas


Disaster Relief

Events/Entertainment Venues

EV Charging/Infrastructure




Military Bases

Data Centers

Your Questions Answered

What rentals terms are available?

Rental terms are tailored to meet customer needs. Typical rental terms range from 6 months to 10 years and can be easily extended.


How much does it cost to rent?

Rental clean and reliable Capstone rentals are affordable by design. Capstone microturbines have extremely low operating and maintenance costs, making microturbine rental power a viable alternative to conventional reciprocating options with the benefit of much higher reliability.

What aftermarket support and services do you provide for the length of the rental?

Capstone provides all rental units with complete service, covered by our world-wide network of factory authorized service providers. Rentals include all planned and unplanned maintenance, parts and labor for the life of the contract. .