Distributor Spotlight: For E-Finity, The Goal Was To Be The Best Capstone Distributor From Day 1

January 28, 2021

It was 1991 when Jeff Beiter first took on the mission of championing energy conservation throughout the mid-Atlantic states. Sixteen years later, armed with deep practical experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Beiter formed E-Finity Distributed Generation, an energy consulting firm and exclusive Capstone distributor in the region. His focus wasn’t simply selling microturbine-based energy systems, but building lasting relationships and providing essential energy efficiency and technology education.

It is work that doesn’t just stop with current and potential customers. E-Finity also works tirelessly to explain the substantial value offered by microturbine and various combined heat and power (CHP) technologies to natural gas providers, engineering companies, contractors, and major ESCOs. This includes, for example, educating natural gas transmission companies on how CHP/CCHP can increase their burner tip sales or how ESCOs and contractors can have their traditional boilers and chillers create electricity simultaneously with or without the grid, thereby supporting the heightened interest in resilient energy packages. The effort pays off in helping these entities significantly boost their own sales.

Focusing on oil and gas, hospitality, commercial and industrial, and biogas channels, E-Finity provides customers with a complete package, from application engineering and product specifications to startup and ongoing FPP services. Since the microturbine units run a variety of gases, including coal bed methane, biogas, natural gas, and diesel, each customer is unique. That’s why the E-Finity team evaluates every project on a case-by-case basis using the customer’s electric and utility data in a market-specific “Site Survey” form and its own E-Finity “Go-No-Go” process to determine whether a project is viable. It’s a service provided at no cost to the customer that also helps qualify their interest with a high degree of accuracy. 

E-Finity's Applications Engineering department supports the sales team by meticulously evaluating each site individually to agree upon the best solution and ensure that every system is sized and specified properly—avoiding onsite stress later in the commissioning process. They program their controllers to every customer’s defined needs. When there are specific needs that have yet to be met within the market, E-Finity is able to adapt and meet those demands, as well. Not to be outdone, the company’s Customer Service and Applications Engineering departments are second to none, always going above and beyond to respond to the needs of customers.

To date, E-Finity's staff has proudly grown from a single sales engineer and one applications engineer to a team of more than 30, located throughout the region. The sales team has evolved to not only include an in-house Capstone team, but two additional satellite offices located in West Virginia and Florida. E-Finity has also developed relationships with several representatives in the southeastern U.S., allowing for more localized Capstone eyes and ears on the ground.

By being constantly involved in various industry-recognized associations and participating in high-level tradeshows and events, the sales team is able to stay at the forefront of the industry. Their vision to bring actual equipment to tradeshows sets Capstone apart from the competition, and by continually making site visits, staging ribbon cuttings, and producing press releases and case studies, E-Finity stays both current and visible. At the same time, their ever-evolving brochures, email marketing campaigns, and eye-catching displays provide essential outreach and build awareness.

E-Finity attributes their success to the company’s robust sales qualifying process, a strong sales and application engineering support team, and a champion customer service department. All that is clearly essential, but perhaps even more important to getting a foot in the door is E-Finity’s passion for educating the market and an ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of customers. What it all adds up to is a tight, well-run organization that prioritizes meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

For more information on E-Finity Distributed Generation, visit: www.e-finity.com

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