Distributor Spotlight: RSP Systems

March 21, 2022

Tell us a little about your organization.

RSP Systems helps customers that need significant electrical and thermal energy to run their facilities. We know that a reliable, secure power system is an essential component in our customers’ business plans and success, so we work closely with them to understand their requirements and then design and deliver the most cost-effective system available for their on-site power generation needs.

RSP Systems has a very strong foundation embedded in the experience of its co-founders’ more than 40 years of experience in electrical and mechanical contracting and service. RSP Systems’ field service support is available 24/7, no matter what! We expertly perform design-build cogeneration projects in collaboration with the engineering community. This clearly gives our firm an edge by controlling and streamlining the process in a financially responsible and practical fashion. 

Whether our customers’ goal is to save money, ensure life safety support, or both, RSP Systems helps them decipher the complexity of their energy equation.


What region do you serve?

We serve customers in New York, Connecticut, and Ohio.


Are there particular industries or markets that you serve?

RSP offers solutions for Commercial, Residential, Wastewater Treatment, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Crypto Currency Mining, Food and Beverage customers.


What are the key services you provide?

RSP Systems services include design support, engineering support, start-up and commissioning as well as ongoing service support. We provide a wide range of services including cogeneration, rental power, solar/battery integration, and microgrid development and implementation.


What are some energy goals your customers typically want to achieve? How do you help your customers achieve them?

We help clients reduce their overall energy usage and costs. Our systems can also provide valuable back-up power (dual mode) so we can help our clients achieve energy resiliency for their facility. 

We offer Capstone microturbines which is the best selection of equipment and support services available in the industry. Capstone microturbines can operate on a variety of gaseous or liquid fuels and emit very low emissions, making them clean, green, reliable sources of energy.

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