Distributor Spotlight: Supernova Energy Services

April 18, 2022

Tell us a little about your organization’s history/story—how did it get started, who was involved and why was the business pursued?

Supernova is a 30 years old company based in Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia, originally oriented towards offering air conditioning related services for commercial and industrial applications. As time passed we moved forward towards working with energy efficiency projects. Eng Nestor Móseres has been the leader of all this process and it was him who envisioned the new and most recent era of Supernova where we have been exclusive distributors and distributors of Capstone Green Energy for the past 12 years in Colombia. Supernova now has more than 20 different generation and cogeneration projects with Capstone Microturbines installed all over Colombia in different sectors such as Industrial, Hotels and Recreation, Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Oil and Gas.

What region(s) do you serve?

We are distributors for Colombia and Venezuela.

Are there particular industries or markets that you serve?

Our customers fall under different markets and industries including Industrial, Hotels and Recreation, Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Oil and Gas.

What are the key services you provide?

We provide conceptualization of the technical solution, viability assessment for energy efficiency projects, detailed engineering, supply of main components, installation, maintenance, and remote monitoring.

What are some energy goals your customers typically want to achieve? How do you help your customers achieve them?

Most of our customers would like to maximize efficiency, lower energy cost, and improve electrical reliability. We help them by providing turnkey solutions that generate inexpensive and reliable electricity and thermal energy, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Why did you decide to become a Capstone distributor?

What first attracted Supernova to Capstone was the microturbine technology as a valuable energy solution. The simplicity of the units with regard to their low maintenance was important, too. We knew microturbines were going to be the next step in clean generation worldwide and we wanted to be part of it. 

What do you wish companies understood better about their energy-related needs?

We all need to reduce our dependence on energy from the grid, as well our carbon footprint. High efficiency cogeneration projects such as the ones we provide allow exactly that. We can have a positive environmental impact and generate cost savings at the same time. Both are important for today’s businesses.

Do you have a favorite project/installation you could share?

Yes, the Karibana Hotel, in Cartagena, Colombia is one of our favorites. This hotel has a Capstone C600S producing clean electrical energy from natural gas. The system also includes heat recovery units and an absorption chiller that consumes the exhaust gasses from the turbine and uses it to produce hot water for the rooms and cold water for the air conditioning. The system also has photovoltaic panels, which lowers the hotel’s electrical energy bill. Finally, there is an emergency generator for when there is a failure in the grid, which occurs several times a day. The system is super robust, ensuring electrical reliability and producing energy savings while emitting less carbon than the national generation average.

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