Distributor Spotlight: Lone Star Power Solutions

August 15, 2022

Tell us a little about your organization’s history/story—how did it get started, who was involved and why was the business pursued?
Lone Star Power Solutions was founded in 2018. We had a shared goal with Capstone Green Energy to be the leading provider of clean power technology in our territory. 

What region(s) do you serve?
We provide sales and support in central and southern U.S., specifically, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Are there particular industries or markets that you serve?
Our customers run the gamut across commercial, industrial, municipal, and government entities. If a customer uses electricity and or thermal energy, we have a compelling product offering that will allow them to save money, reduce greenhouse gasses and increase their operational reliability. We work with everyone from global oil and gas companies to rural community hospitals, and our customers have included several military and government entities, tech and renewable energy companies.

What are the key services you provide?
We provide sales and service of Capstone Green Energy products. As experts in on-site power generation and combined heat and power applications, we can assist our customers with initial project feasibility, economic and cost benefit analysis, application engineering/power system sizing, project integration and assistance with permitting. 

What are some energy goals your customers typically want to achieve? How do you help your customers achieve them?
Most of our customers are looking for reliable solutions that help them reduce their energy costs or increase operational productivity. By partnering closely with our customers, we can understand their needs and design a system that fits their demands and performs both economically and reliably. 

Why did you decide to become a Capstone distributor?
As former employees of Capstone, our founders saw the opportunity to invest in our geographic region to reach a very diverse customer base that we knew could benefit from our leading green energy solutions. 

What do you wish companies understood better about their energy-related needs?
Many companies accept that there is only one way to purchase the energy they need for their facilities or operations. We do our best to educate our customers about the options and benefits that clean, on-site generation and microgrids provide.

To learn more about Lone Star Power Solutions, visit https://www.lonestarpowersolutions.com/